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Sorry for not posting earlier, but I didn't get back until early this morning.

Before posting anything of a challengy sort, I really have to ask:

are any of you still really interested in this community?

The low turnouts in both challenge and voting is making me wonder. Is it the community, or is it just something I'm not doing?

I'd like to know members opinions before we continue on.
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Death 01 - Voting

Only four icons? Come on guys, I know you can do better than that. If you didn't participate this week, and there was a reason for it, please let me know in this post.

On to the voting!

-; Vote for your one least favourite icon. If you vote for the one you like the most, you're actually voting it out!

-; When replying, please state your reason for voting them out, like this:
120: The text doesn't fit well with the icon.

-; Voting results and the new challenge will be posted tomorrow night, because I'm going to Canada's Wonderland tomorrow for the day. Yay me! And yes, you all totally needed to know that.

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Good luck to everybody!
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Death 01: Sumbit!

I feel like a really bad person. I know this was supposed to start two weeks ago, but my internet died the day I planned to post the first challenge. I only just got it back on Thursday.

The schedule for challenges follows as thus:
Tuesday morning: Challenge is posted
Tuesday - Sunday: Submit
Sunday - Monday: Voting
Monday night: Results are posted

The theme for this week is:

Alphabetical Order, Please!

What does this mean? Your submission must have L, M(ello) or N(ear) on it. Very simple, for the first round.

Please submit your icons like this:

Icon url here

Icons are due SUNDAY, AUGUST 13, 2006.

Have fun, and good luck!

ETA - You are allowed to use manga, anime and live action pictures for any of the challenges.
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If you haven't noticed, today is Sunday, July 16, which should mean SIGN UPS ARE CLOSED.

Except they're not.

Extended for one week, until we get a few more contestants. So far, we have 11, and I'd like 15-20.

Sign up post is still here.
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Hi, and welcome to the first round of Death Note LIMS! This is the sign up post. If you want to participate, please comment here with the name of the journal you will be entering under. I will then add your name to the list.

Sign ups will close JULY 15.

BUT! Before you sign up, please read the rules and join the community before you post a comment! I'm sure you'll want to read the rules, no?

Feel free to ask any questions in the post. More details about the schedule will be posted nearer to the closing date.

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